Kerem Bürsin, the handsome protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’ has had to be operated on an emergency this morning. We tell you everything.

We have remained when we have learned that the protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’ has undergone a dangerous back operation yesterday.

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This Operation responds to the back ailments that the actor was dragging for a few years and that they have resulted in a very painful discharge that has had to be Urgently operated yesterday.

As you will know, Kerem Bürsin is an addict to exercise thanks to which he gets such a form of formed and perfect, but unfortunately Kerem Bürsin likes to practice Crossfit, a type of sport high intensity that is contraindicated to people with back injuries such as Kerem Bürsin.

That is why Kerem bürsin from time to time practiced pilates , another sport that is indicated in the case of back injuries but that is much less intense than the Crossfit.

Kerem Bürsin practicando un ejercicio de pilates para mejorar su dolor cr´ónico de espalda. Foto: IG

Apparently this injury occurred by an accident that took place a couple of years ago and that damaged the actor’s back. Now after the hard training of Crossfit to which Kerem is subjected, he has shown His most painful side of him forcing an operation that we all hope he solves the problem in Kerem’s back.

The actor has been operated by the Dr. Çağatay Öztürk a whole eminence in this type of ailments that the day after the operation has discharged Kerem.

Kerem Bürsin Now has a few days of rest ahead at home that will help you load batteries to face all the projects that are brought between hands. One of them is the series ‘An Unusual Story’ that will be released on television and digital platforms.

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What is Kerem Bürsin’s album herper is operated

A disc hernia occurs when the gelatinous material found inside the intervertebral discs of the spine Stands out or leaves the disc and compress nearby nerves. This condition can cause pain, Muscle weakness and other symptoms in the body areas affected by compressed nerves. If disc herniation is not properly treated, it can lead to Serious complications such as Loss of nerve function, urinary or fecal incontinence and paralysis.

During the operation , the surgeon can remove the herniated material and Release the pressure on the nearby nerves . Surgery can be performed in several ways, such as Through an incision on the back of the spine or Through a small cut on the side of the body. /p>

However, Every operation entails certain risks , and disc surgery is no exception. Possible risks include Infection , Excessive bleeding , Nerve injury or Spinal cord damage . In addition, disk hernia surgery Is not always effective and may not solve all disk hernia symptoms. We hope that in the case of Kerem, everything is definitively solved thanks to the operation.

Despite these risks, disk hernia operations Are generally safe and successful . The probabilities that a disc herniation operation goes well vary according to several factors, such as The location and severity of the herni a, the age and general health of the patient, and The experience of the Surgeon . In general, disk hernia operations Have a success rate from 80 to 90 percent in terms of pain relief and symptoms.

What is said, now Kerem Bürsin has a few days off and from Crush.News we hope that everything has come out well and we can see our favorite blond giving everything in its thousand projects.

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