Wow. Eye, Keyla of ‘The island of temptations 6’ says that nothing hurts, but looking at the placement of tensioning cables to obtain the ‘Foxy Eyes’ is not suitable for sensitive people. Look at it.

Yesterday, Keyla Suárez the trans consursent of this new edition of ‘The island of temptations 6’ showed us on her Instagram account how Had managed to change the physiognomy of her face through the implementation of Tensioning cables to get the ‘Foxy Eyes’ . A technique widely used in aesthetic medicine that consists of placing small Subcutaneous threads to get the desired shape to the face.

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Keyla hilos tensores

Keyla is one of the most beloved single ones of ‘The island of temptations’

With his Self -confidence and his beauty , Keyla is getting one of the most beloved Dear of this edition and although it is true that the reality began denouncing harassment in networks , after the issuance of the first episode of ‘The island of temptations’ Keyla is caughting a lot of attention for its Naturalness .

And we don’t have to forget that Keyla appeared to the Miss Universe Spain 2021 contest, highlighting among all the candidates but now it has been decided to Change some features of his face with those who were not very comfortable.

This is how Keyla has achieved the ‘Foxy Eyes’

It has been in a confidence clinic where Keyla has been encouraged to change the shape of her eyes, which according to her “have a sad and aggressive look” , so you are implanting the Tensioning threads, Keyla is a lot Happier with its appearance.

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Of course, The video in which Keyla explains and shows his operation Is Durillo because although according to his own words “nothing hurts”, the simple vision of the needle drilling The temple , intimidates anyone.

Keyla explains to us that during the Intervention he closes his eyes but it is not because of the pain, it is because he felt the needle make way on his temple, but according to his own words “the result deserves THE PENALTY ”What do you think?

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