There is no one among fans of the Turkish series who does not know that the story between the two protagonists of ‘Love is in the air’ is not overcome. And some of that must happen to Mehtap Algül: Kerem’s current girlfriend copy Hande Erçel with enough impudence, by the way. What is happening here?

There are millions who would like to see Hankers together again, and we are among them, why fool ourselves. But for now it cannot be: she has a new boyfriend (although at the moment we talk about strong crisis) and he, perhaps tired of waiting for her, has begun a relationship with Mehtap Algül. Well, Kerem’s girlfriend copy Hande Erçel not only in his styles, which also, even in poses. We have evidence!

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Test No. 1 that Kerem’s girlfriend copy to Hande: Short and exterior top

That Mehtap will have traveled the Feed of Hande’s Instagram from end to end is something that we have no doubt. This is a good example:

With a Natural vegetation background and a Top that leaves the belly in the air, both images resemble a lot. Of course, Hande has a glass of wine as a dare, which never is wrong.

Second test: suggestive photo in a yacht (and same sunglasses)

The photo of Marras Had to be taken in the deck of a yacht and in a swimsuit, right? Of course, Guapi.

As if that were not enough, the Sunglasses are very similar, right?

Test 3: Rollito fifteen

Some time ago, Hande posed with a Summer look for a very 50 years: bikini high, head handkerchief and a roll that transports us to that decade.

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Mehtap, in one of his latest publications, Has used that same roll fifty as an advertisement of Mad Men to take a picture in the kitchen.

The last test: gray straps t -shirt and taking half a body out

The proof that Kerem’s girlfriend copy Hande is two photos that Are only taken one day of difference! eye:

Hande took this photo on the balcony of what his hotel looks like in Toscana, with a Gray straps shirt, half body out and smiling with pure happiness, just before receiving the tragic news of the death of his grandfather. Was Mehtap to be less? Of course not! Take photo with the same garment of the same color and peel by the window of a car. What do you think?

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