The sister of the protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’ throws this clear message to Kerem Bürsin in case she intends to take another girl to the Oscar gala.

It is worth that Kerem Bürsin Is not having its best moment . That’s true. The ‘Love Is in the Air’ actor has had to do with the Oscar Bed gala due to an album hernia operation that they practiced last week and that some will have some months away from high intensity sport that he likes to practice so much.

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So very comfortable and tumbadito could see the gala and enjoy with The nominated, the glamor and dream of becoming one day present at the gala presenting some of his work.

And it seems that who was also seeing the gala while Kerem was his sister Melis Bürsin who from Texas put this message to Kerem Bürsin so that he is being referred to …

The warning message of Kerem Bürsin’s sister

In the image that Melis sent, you could see how a beautiful Pedro Pascal had decided to go to the Oscar gala accompanied by her sister.

Melis who is a fan of Pedro Pascal (as not for not), threw this message to his brother so that Did not occur to him in case of one day to go to the Oscars, not take her to her. a subtle but direct form that we are sure that she made her brother smile although right now even a small smile can hurt her in her state.

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As soon as Kerem Bürsin recovers , he will continue to shoot his series ‘An Unusual Story’, a work by Braveborn, its producer, which will be released on digital platforms and that in the writing of Crush.News We are looking forward to seeing now.

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