If we had to tell the days we see an image of Kerem Bürsin and say (inserting here unintelligible sounds related to the good eating of the actor), we would not stop. But what happens when Kerem’s sister, Melis Bürsin, who congratulates the actor with a photo that melts us? Well, this is at another level, friend.

Primer plano de Melis Bürsin

Now that the Kerem Bürsin series, Gün işığım, is already in a chapel, everything that falls in our hands on the actor seems little to us. Of course, Kerem is enjoying the honey of success: allegedly in love with an influence, Mehtap Algül, is the image of Turkish Airlines and has returned strongly to work.

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The photo that Kerem Bürsin’s sister used to congratulate him and that makes the drool fall

Well, in this context, our Serkan of our loves turned 36 years old last Sunday. We already told you very much people congratulated him. In fact, he hung on his Stories a few of those congratulations. But There was a very special one: that of his sister.

Kerem y Melis Bürsin

Melis Bürsin loves his brother, you know. He was superpendent of him during his convalescence for the operation of Hernia Disc. And On his birthday we know that he was with him, well physically, either with his heart, since the two brothers love each other madly.

But Melis also knows about His brother’s weakness for his son Theo, Kerem’s nephew. The little one is the toy of the house, and the actor, whenever he can, spend time with him. So the photo that Melis chose to congratulate him was clear:

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“Happy birthday for the best brother and uncle in the world. I love you !!! ”, says the Story. Both, with a Ugly Sweater that has already become fashionable worldwide, but that for the Bürsin is doubly typical because they passed part of their childhood in Texas.

What has been said: it gives true tender to see the actor with his sobri. If it would be a great daddy!

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