There is no day when we do not flipe with this actor, either personally or in professional. Well look where, today we bring you images in which you will cost you to recognize it. This Kerem Bürsin musical is the first thing he did in his career and is still beautiful, but he has no beard and has left hair. Flipant!

When we are still saying that he has thrown girlfriend, it turns out that we have encountered a movie starring the red -haired actor. It is a music content movie, which tells a very sad story. But What is you going and where you can see Kerem Bürsin’s musical?

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Cartel de Susurra si me olvido, el musical de Kerem Bürsin que este rodó en 2014
Este es el cartel de ‘Susurra si me olvido’, el musical de Kerem Bürsin. Y sí, es el chico de la franja central a la izquierda. Qué loco, ¿no?

Kerem Bürsin’s musical is called ‘whisper if I forget’

Whisper if I forget (Unutursam Fisilda) is a pure drama, and tells the story of Ayperi (Farah Zeynep Abdullah), a girl with a prodigious voice in whose Road crosses Tarik (Memet Günsür), which convinces her to try to make a soloist of a group. But Ayperi’s family, very traditional, faces her, who Decides to break with her past to succeed in music.

fotograma de Susurra si me olvido
La historia, construida a base de flashbacks, nos muestra a un Kerem muy jovencito y de rollo cien por cien setentero.

All this tells us an Ayperi old woman, to which Alzheimer’s begins to devour her memories.

And what does Kerem Bürsin paint in all this?

Well, the beautiful actor gives Erhan, the third member of the group (together with Ayperi and Tarik). And, apart from the fact that You will see it a seventies, very much to the abba, with melenite (redhead, Of course) And without a beard, is also an important part of the plot, since the trailer smells like a love triangle that pulls back. Ah, and above all it is very young: The movie is from 2014!

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fotograma de Susurra si me olvido
Se trata de uno de los primeros trabajos del actor.

He rolled her before meeting Serenay Sarikaya

We know the long wedding history of Kerem Bürsin, so who went out then? Well, it was before starting with Serenay, so we calculated that he would be with Hande Dogandemir, the tocaya of her great love. And where can you see? Well, we regret telling you that, although it spent a while on Apple TV and Prime Video, Right now is not available in Spain in any of those two platforms. Do we make an Org Point Change to bring it back?

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