We are going to tell you how for an oversight we have discovered who is Kerem Bürsin’s lawyer.

Everything related to the sentimental state of the protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’ interests us. Whether you are as if not a fan of Hankers, this new discovery in the heart of Kerem Bürsin will love it because we know who he is, what he does and above all, how we have caught them together.

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Who is Busra Akture, Kerem Bürsin’s lawyer?

Effectively, that is your name. She is called Busra Akture, Is a lawyer and has been working in Paksoy for more than two years, a renowned law firm located in Istanbul.

Busra Studied Law at İstanbul Kültür üniversitesi from 2011 to 2015, after that he moved to California to improve his English in 2016 and then perform his master’s degree at the İstanbul Bilgi üniversitesi University until the Year 2019.

At the end of his studies, Busra went through several law firm until he finds his place in Paksoy where Has been two years.

Busra is a beautiful and well Could be a model since it is quite high and its green eyes contrast with its refined features and its brown hair.

Thus we have caught Kerem Bürsin with his girlfriend lawyer

And of course, all kerem fans Are equal and we don’t escape one, so by publishing busra a collage of images on your Instagram account, we have realized that A to Although he has tried to hide the presence of Kerem Bürsin, there he is.

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If you look is covered, but it is clear that it is. His beard of him and the typical scarf of him they have betrayed him. Do you want another test? Come on …

There is just behind the bus and holding your iPhone with your hand. Is clear, clarinet.

Fans didn’t like Kerem Bürsin with another

And we do not say this, they say the comments we have found in the post from which we have extracted the images. The fans of the couple formed by Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel do not leave a puppet with their heads and tell all kinds of beautiful things to bus …

But not only on Instagram, we have also found users who seem to have caught Kerem Bürsin preparing breakfast to Busra and of course … If you prepare breakfast, you have spent the night with your girlfriend. P>

Kerem Bürsin does not recognize his new girlfriend

And as always happens, Kerem Bürsin fearful of his private life, has not published any photo with the beautiful Busra Akture. Will it happen as with Stephanie Cayo who, because of her lack of decision, has ended up deciding for Maxi Iglesias instead of the handsome Turkish actor?

We will continue informing.

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