Danla Bilic’s model who could be occupying the heart of Kerem Bürsin (‘Love is in the air’) has been invited to her sister’s birthday, Gamze Erçel and our head explodes with the images and video .

On January 18, Hande Erçel’s little sister, Gamze Erçel turned 31. The protagonist’s sister ‘Love Is in the Air’ gathered all her closest friends and friends At a very emotional party in which everyone congratulated her and from which she gave a good account uploading a lot of images on their social networks.

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When asked about a desire for this year 2023, Gamze said: “My only desire is health and then happiness. I am sure that it will be a great year ”. Surely Gamze’s desire referred to the hard disease his daughter Mavi suffers from only 3 years old to which this summer was detected a Cancer and although it seems that he progresses favorably, he has the whole worried family .

The party went normally but the fans of Hande Erçel and Gamze Erçel realized something …

Kerem Bürsin’s alleged girlfriend, Danla Bilic, was among the guests

A few days ago you will remember that in Turkey there was the rumor that related Kerem Bursin next to the young and beautiful model Danla Bilic. The hopes that the couple formed by Kerem and Hande was united again, vanished before our eyes.

Well, what has been everyone’s surprise to discover that also Danla Bilic is part of the closest circle of Hande and Gamze Erçel and therefore, he was at Gamze’s birthday party As you can check in this photo:

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Danla Bilic es la primera por la derecha. Foto: Instagram

In addition Danla Bilic herself uploaded all kinds of stories to her account what they immediately caught everyone’s attention that did not understand how after the stir mounted by the news, Danla was on the birthday of the sister of Kerem Bürisn’s ex -girlfriend .

We have two theories 1) that Danla Balic and Kerem Bürsin are not really boyfriends and everything has been a ‘fake new’ that has left the Turkish digital ones who are looking forward to Kerem feeling the head and 2) that Danla Balic was Friend of the Erçel sisters long before he met Kerem and they give priority to their friendship above all regardless of that he is starting with Kerem.

Anyway, two different and so often news is still shocking that they contradict each other, but oh friends, our little universe Dizi (Turkish soap opera) is that intriguing.

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