Kerem Bürsin could make the leap to South America by the hand of Mane de la Parra, Sebastián Rulli, Matías Novoa, Alejandro Nones or Horacio Pancheri. We tell you all about it

Kerem Bursin is a Turkish actor who has been in the film and television industry for several years and that we all know for his leading role in ‘Love is in the air’. During his career, has played a wide variety of characters , from romantic gallants to evil villains.

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Kerem Bursin es clavadito al mexicano Mane de la Parra, el protagonista de la telenovela ¿Qué le pasa a mi familia?

Kerem Bürsin’s jump to South America will be like this

However, in Latin American soap operas, Bursin could play a gallant passionate and moving.

Kerem Bursin también podría interpretar papeles como los del mexicano Julián Gil en ¿Qué le pasa a mi familia?

Bursin has demonstrated its ability to play characters with emotional depth , which makes it a perfect choice to play a gallant in Latin American soap operas.

Sebastián Rulli es el galán de ‘Vencer al pasado’ papel que podría interpretar Kerem Bursin con total naturalidad.

This would be the jump to South America of Kerem Bürsin, in addition, its physical attractiveness and natural charm make it ideal to play a character that is worshiped by women.

El argentino Horacio Pancheri de 38 años y que aparece en ‘Vencer al pasado’ es muy del estilo de Kerem Bürsin

This would be the jump to South America of Kerem Bürsin since the actor also has demonstrated his ability to speak Spanish , which makes him an attractive option for the Latin American audiovisual market. In addition, his love for Latin American soap operas since his childhood makes him an ideal option to play a gallant in this genre.

José Ron es el galán de galanes en la telenovela ‘Desalmada’ y es clavaito a nuestro Kerem.

Bursin has been in conversations with the actor and presenter Carlos Ponce , who could be his ‘gateway’ to the Latin American audiovisual market so it would be the jump to South America of Kerem Bürsin.

Otro galán: Alejandro Nones de 38 años que aparece en ‘Malverde: El santo patrón’ y que parece hermano de Kerem Bürsin

In addition, he has been seen talking with Spanish actors such as Antonio Banderas and Álvaro Morte, demonstrating his interest in working in this market.

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El chileno Matías Novoa aparece en la telenovela ‘Vencer al pasado’.

The actor of ‘Love is in the air’ is left over talent and attractive to play a passionate and moving gallant in Latin American soap operas, there is no doubt about that. His ability to interpret characters with emotional depth , his physical attractive and natural charm , as well as his love for Latin American soap operas and his ability to speak Spanish, they make him an option Ideal for play a gallant in this genre . Is this year 2023 the year of the Kerem Bürsin Salto to the South American market to settle there and give us their masterful interpretations ? We will continue informing you.

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