We have told you about Hande Erçel’s passage through the French Film Festival, but what we did not imagine even for Asomo was that he was going to react to something Kerem Bürsin said about Cannes. We are ojiplato: What is happening with these two boys?

Since we knew he had erased all his photos together on Instagram, the tension between Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel felt, but with Cannes an unexpected? coincidence. Everything happened yesterday. your ex.

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Kerem Bürsin’s comment towards Cannes that Hande Erçel has replicated

When we closed this article, Kerem Bürsin’s comment towards the Cannes Festival had been hung up for 15 hours, and Hande’s, only 4. taking into account that Hande herself has been live in That festival, it is hard to imagine that he has not responded, in part, by the competitiveness and envy that now “unites her” to his ex -boyfriend.

The comment is aimed at Merve Dizdar. The Turkish actress, who is part of the distribution of Doctor Ali, has been awarded the Best Women’s Interpretation Award at the Cannes Festival, with her film Kuru Otlar üstüne (in Spanish, On dry herbs), by Nuri Bilge Ceylan. Kerem congratulated her:

“Felicidades”, ha escrito Kerem en su story.

And, many hours later, Hande did the same, congratulated her with some little hands applauding:

Our question is: Has Done it because he feels proud that a compatriot has won the award or Because he is forced to do so, since he has made history In Cannes and Hande yet? We cannot respond to that, but it seems suspicious that it has taken so long to do it.

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Who is Merve Dizdar

Born in Izmir, Turkey, in 1986, Merve is about to turn 37. His career is very wide, both in cinema and television. In addition to Doctor Ali you have been able to see it in Innocent. But With this award becomes the first Turkish actress to win in Cannes throughout the history of the festival.

Merve Dizdar, la flamante ganadora de Cannes.

Do you expect any other renowned prize after this recognition? The story tells us yes, that surely ends up nominated for an Oscar or the Golden Globe. We will have to wait.

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