Three weeks makes its disc herniation operation, which demanded to save rest, we have seen the protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’ jumping the protocol and party! For what we ask ourselves: Has it had caught Kerem Bürsin or he has broken the Guinness record of recoveries after a delicate operation?

Just a few days ago, Kerem Bürsin began to see the light after the operation of album hernia that urgently sent it to the hospital. As you know, the protagonist of Love is in the air had unbearable pain, incompatible with the intense life he leads, so he had to undergo an emergency intervention. Up there, all normal, but what do you tell us about Kerem Bürsin’s caught in a fieston when he is still convalescent?

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Kerem Bürsin’s caught: at the wedding of some friends

Yes, yes. We have heard about the Miraculous Kerem recovery because, among the many videos that have left the bride and groom, we can see the former Hande Erçel applauding to the passage of these. The graceful ones are Yasemin Dormen and Altun Gultan, who are friends with Bürsin.

And it is that social networks are what they have: that No matter how much unnoticed there will always be a mobile phone that record your movements and upload them to the Internet. Even more if you are one of the most famous actors of the moment.

Yasemin Dormen y Altun Gultan, la pareja que se casó y que ha provocado la pillada de Kerem Bürsin
Estos son Yasemin Dormen y Altun Gultan, la pareja que se casó y que ha provocado la pillada de Kerem Bürsin.

Kerem fans, a little mosqueas

Of course, when just a few weeks ago you were dusty and you knew that ahead you had a complicated rehabilitation, you appear in the middle of a wedding and The fans wonder things.

Captura de Twitter en la que una usuaria se pregunta dónde está la faja que debería llevar Kerem Bürsin, al que vemos en la imagen del tuit.
“¿Dónde está la faja?”, se pregunta, con toda la razón, esta usuaria de Twitter.

Things such as, for example, what are you doing in a Fiestón. That we all know that These types of celebrations do not resemble a spiritual retreat. that you are going to a rural house with your new girlfriend and we can even understand it, but this, Kerem … this is a manual caught!

Why do we know that Kerem Bürsin’s caught is and should have stayed in Casita?

Because Recovery after a disc herniation operation, although it can vary in time and intensity, it is greater than three weeks, which is what the actor carries. In general, after surgery, the patient must remain in the hospital for a few days to make sure there are no complications.

Posado de Kerem Bürsin en la playa
Una cosa es que me digas que se ha ido a descansar a la playa, a comenzar a ejercitarse suavemente y esas cosas. Pero una boda no es sitio para un convaleciente, Kerem.

After receiving medical discharge, It is recommended to avoid any strenuous activity or physical effort for at least six weeks to allow tissues to heal properly. The patient may need to use an abdominal girdle or a back corset during the first weeks after surgery to help reduce pressure on the area operated. Where was the girdle, Kerem? Because that fitted shirt does not leave doubts much …

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