Kerem Bürsin is undoubtedly half a half -American and from there this unknown hobby was brought that accompanies him until today. We tell you.

Kerem Bürsin spent all his youth until he >

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La afición alternativa de Kerem Bürsin que no conocías

Before the bug of interpretation stung, Kerem rode a bicycle, he climbed, pointed to the gym to get shape and Practiced the skate hours and hours.

A hobby that accompanies him until today and that the protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’ Cannot leave or when he goes out with his girlfriends.

In this quite rare video of Turkish actor Kerem Bürsin, we can see as always accompanied by his skate table, Chases his then Hande Erçel couple for an airport terminal.

But be careful, it’s not just a hobby. Kerem Bürsin The skate

So that is, that Kerem incorporates a skate table to the filming he performs with his producer ‘Bravebor Shoulder camera

See Kerem uploaded in a skateboard table is a joy that makes the actor one of the most versatile and prepared in the Turkish panorama. It would not be surprising if Kerem came to interpret a character with these skills in a future series. For dreaming that there are no.

We leave you a couple more videos of the Skate

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