We had it in front and we didn’t want to see it. Look that he was sending us signs but we didn’t see that those who did Kerem Bürsin was preparing for his new series.

We have learned the new project of the protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’, a series that would be produced by ‘Braveborn Films’, its producer with which she has already released other series such as ‘Immortals’ and which seems like which will be in charge of brand new ‘an unusual story’.

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The series that at first Was presented as ‘Lemy: an unusual story’, would change its name a couple of months later to stay as ‘bi tuhaf hikaye’ or ‘an unusual story’.

A couple of days ago Kerem Bürsin showed us what it seems The script of the first chapter of the series and with him we could discover more secrets than one of the most anticipated shootings of the year with permission from ‘El Turco’ by Can Yaman.

In the script we can see the name of the first chapter (‘The Job’), along with details such as Osman Kay Strong>.

But what we had not realized was that Kerem Bürsin was giving us clues since last January that the series ‘An Unusual Story’ was not going to be a normal normal series and I was going to need All its potential to interpret it.

Kerem Bürsin’s new series will put the limit

We affirm that ‘an unusual story’ will put Kerem to the limit because since we saw this trailer, we were clear that The demands at the physical level were going to be very high for the actor.

We have also been able to see a Unusually high activity of Kerem Bürsin in the gym that Has multiplied its visits in recent days training with an unusual intensity and that clearly tells us that your role in the series will have a marked physical and action component.

Something similar to a Jason Statham movie and with a dark atmosphere.

Kerem has shown us his ‘Tire Smash’ or ‘Peg Boarding’ as the way to get in shape to give everything in the series that will be a personal challenge.

From Crush.News we want Some sugar so as not to pass out when it is released ‘an unusual story’. Said is left.

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