At the exit of a place in the district of Ethyler, Kerem Bürsin revealed the projects that will be released in 2023

Kerem Bürsin has started the year worrying all and all fans. The protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’ showed an image in which we saw how they were administering intravenous serum while he complained about starting the year with bad foot.

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kerem bursin enfermo

We all wonder if this would have to do with the rumors that he had suffered a heart attack during his visit to the United States, but apparently it was only a scare produced by exhaustion and excess work.

Kerem Bürsin projects for 2023

A few hours ago, Kerem Bürsin has been seen leaving a nightlife place

“The filming of my new Project continues at full speed . It is a different project, but Is not clear when it will be released. ”

proyectos de Kerem Bürsin para 2023

And given the insistence of the journalists who were there, Kerem continued: “In addition to that, there will be New projects for digital and cinema . Everything goes as we want and I am very happy for it. You will see me in many projects during this year, ”he said. After answering these questions, Kerem set up in his car and went home to rest.

So there are two news. 1) its new project that will be released soon and that we play an arm that is ‘an unusual story’ and 2) a couple of projects that will be released in digital and in cinema respectively. The one that will premiere in digital

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Of these two, we know nothing, but as soon as we find out, Crush.News will be there to count the new Kerem Bürsin projects for 2023. Let’s cross the fingers.

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