We thought this was never going to happen, but it has happened. Kerem Bürsin has eliminated any trace of Hande Erçel on Instagram. From Crush.news we can assure you that this has happened very recently: last month I kept all its memories safe. It seems that he has also passed page.

We have always wanted a second part for the most beautiful couple on the Turkish panorama. And we do not rule it out, eye: higher towers have fallen. But right now our Lovemeter has just frozen. It turns out that Kerem Bürsin, which until a few days ago retained lots of publications with Hande on Instagram, has been undone of all of them. of all. Without leaving one. Oh.

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That Kerem Bürsin erase Hande Erçel de Instagram is very fat

Yes, Hankers. Because Until nothing had kept the publications alive that, in a more or less direct way, had to do with work. The most personal had taken them away, yes. But there were lots of images of the two together: happy, at sunset, smiling at the camera …

Now, they are only memories that in Crush.News we wanted to save in a good collection to share it with all of you. Only one video remains, dated September 2021, in which much of the Love is in the air appears. and, of course, Hande is in it. Nothing else.

MEHTAP, the possible reason for Kerem to leave her establish clean?

We shuffle three hypotheses: one, that the Celitos of Hakan Sabanci will encourage him to do so; Two, that was his current partner, Mehtap Algül, the one who asked for it. And the third … the third prefer or verbalize it. Well, come, go: that Kerem and Hande have had a Anger and he has responded by eliminating any trace of what they had.

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Ni esta ni muchas otras imágenes de ambos juntos pueden verse ya en la cuenta de Kerem.

And on top they will compete 🙁

As if that were not enough, both are in their corresponding shootings of new projects. Hande, with Iki Yabanci; kerem, with Gün işığım . Perhaps now Is better understood why so much haste from the actor to advance premiering his ex, since he wants to start shooting and broadcast in July. What noses is happening to you, guys?

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