We have been smelling something for some time, but it is that the clues begin to be secret secrets. Kerem Bürsin prepares project in Spain and the key to connect to Serkan with our country is Antonio Banderas. We tell you what we know.

Kerem Bürsin has a project in Spain. So. Without more. A Paco Saco. This will happen sooner or later. In the middle, Antonio Banderas and an exceptional role for the Turk that can definitely lock it.

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Kerem’s link with our country

It is everyone known that Kerem Bürsin is strongly linked to Spain. On the one hand, with the project that made Álvaro Morte, of The paper house. He united him personally (and professionally?) To Antonio Banderas. In fact, Sunday was his birthday, as we told you, and recalled in his Stories the warm congratulation he had received from Malaga:

This leads us to the crux of the matter. As you know, Antonio Is the owner of the Soho de Málaga Theater, that essentially leads to the capital of the Costa del Sol different musicals. And here Kerem would enter.

Bürsin is not only a huge actor: he is also an excellent singer. That is, it has the necessary talent for Starring in a musical in Spain that starts in Malaga. We love its most romantic version).

fotograma de Susurra si me olvido
Ya demostró que le sobran tablas para cantar y bailar.

And, if anyone knows how to uninhadow, that is Antonio Banderas, who will not hesitate to throw a cable to his Turkish colleague to Make that less known facet of Kerem known. just as for Almodóvar flags it was fundamental in that deconstruction process that ended up nominating an Oscar, Antonio can be for Kerem, since he would give him the opportunity to be the great musical actor who dreams of being.

Why do we believe that Kerem Bürsin has a project in Spain?

Well, to see: there are things that are white and in bottle. It is not the first time that Antonio Banderas announces a surprise collaboration after keeping it a secret for months, and its relationship with Kerem is very close. Turn the whole country? Let’s cross your fingers!

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