Much has been discussed about the new couple of Kerem Bürsin, the model Danla Bilic and the state of their relationship, but today it is the actor himself who confirms the state of his heart. Keep reading.

This past weekend, it has been possible to see Kerem Bürsin go out to dinner with friends through the Ethyler area in Istanbul. The actor who is immersed in full creative and filming process of the new series ‘An unusual story’ produced by ‘Braveborn Films’, has decided to take a free night to load batteries and return to rested work.

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At the door of a restaurant we have been able to see the protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’ that Very elegant and the purest ‘peaky blinders’ style greeted The journalists waiting for him at the door, always with a smile and shows his kindness.

“I need some time”

When asked about The script of the first chapter of ‘an unusual story’ that went up to his social networks, Kerem answered smiling: “I am working on it and still I need some time “.

“Surely he is a very good person”

And the most uncomfortable question came. When journalists asked him about his new relationship with the Danla Bilic model that had been rumored so much during the last weeks, Kerem responded with a smile: “No, That relationship does not exist . I do not know her but surely it is very Good person “, setting once and for all the rumors that pointed out that Hande Erçel would be dating a new couple.

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After these statements, Kerem Bürsin went up to the car of his friends among which was actress Eylul İrem Yilmaz, setting some other place where he could have a good time on Saturday night.

It has already been clear to us that there is still a possibility that once Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel are given again, because the fans deserve it and we know that they are made for each other (fan, OFF).

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