It seems that the relationship of the Turkish actor of ‘Love is in the air’, Kerem Bürsin with Stephanie Cayo was a simple summer roll since judging by these images, Stephanie and Maxi are together. >

We all remember the images about which there was a serious relationship between the Turkish actor Kerem Bürsin and the Peruvian actress Stephanie Cayo in which they were seen walking together by hand in Madrid.

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And of course, the alleged relationship between Stephanie Cayo and the Spanish actor Maxi Iglesias who had been together since the filming of the movie ‘Backpacks’, Faded a stroke.

After Kerem’s images with Stephanie Cayo, the Magazine of La Manita published a report in which it seemed that Stephanie Cayo and Maxi Iglesias returned to resume their relationship since they walked together on the street.

After this, the couple disappeared media and although they went together on vacation to Paris, in the photos they published they never appeared with each other Until today.

Stephanie Cayo and Maxi Iglesias are boyfriends.

In a post that Stephanie has risen we can say that ‘white and in bottle’ are super boyfriend boyfriends . Come on, there is no doubt that among them two There is more than a good friendship.

Kerem Bürsin ha perdido a Stephanie Cayo

Stephanie Cayo and Maxi Iglesias are boyfriends: ‘White and in Bottle’

Next to the post, Stephanie gives these affectionate words to Maxi so that no doubt is left:

“You and I .. Wherever we go it will always be a good idea because it is born from the bowels… to be very specific 🤣
Long life to your generosity, depth and sensitivity that I have changed life ♾️
I see that I am waiting for you … happy 32 love .. 💫 very proud of you, and of everything that awaits you. ”

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This is the clear proof that among Stephanie Cayo and Maxi Iglesias there is a beautiful relationship that goes Beyond friendship and that Maxi has won the game to Kerem Bürsin who He has not been able to retain the Peruvian next to her.

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