Who were the worshipers Hankers not only have new couples, but it seems that they are competing among them to see who takes the next step before. If Hande Erçel has had us freaking us with his Rachita Willy Fogg with Hakan Sabanci, he now touches his turn of his former: Kerem Bürsin is going to live with Mehtap Argül, his new girlfriend. We tell you what the Nidito de Amor will be.

Hande Erçel apoyada en Kerem Bürsin en una foto promocional
De momento, Hande y Kerem están viviendo nuevas historias de amor.

They fell in love as a couple, but it does not seem that their return will be possible … in the short term. The Crushera writing does not give up: look what took J. Lo and Ben Affleck to return. But in the meantime, separate lives live. Now we have known that Kerem Bürsin is going to live with Mehtap Algül to this paradisiaco Rincón: we tell you everything about the house of the new couple.

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Kerem Bürsin will live with Mehtap to this exclusive neighborhood

Beykoz Konaklari is one of Istanbul’s most exclusive corners. There the usual are large landscaped mansions, with several bathrooms, a lot of rooms and exorbitant prices, only within a few. Well, Kerem Bürsin has just acquired a casePlón in this area for 50 million Turkish liras, who change to be about 2.3 million euros. tip, come on!

Una de las casas de Beykoz Konaklari
Esta es una de las hermosas mansiones que pueden verse por Beykoz. ¡Qué envidia!

This area not only has the best infrastructure and is Highly coveted by the celebrities of that country, but also offers impressive views of the Bosphorus, the strait that separates the European part of Turkey from the Asian A beautiful way of dawn with his new girl, Mehtap Algül who, according to some media in the country, is absolutely crazy with Kerem.

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post de Mehtap Algül en la que la vemos sobre una cama deshecha vestida con vaqueros de campana ancha, zuecos y camiseta de tirantes, y agarrándose el pelo
Qué ganitas de amanecer junto a Kerem, ¿eh, Mehtap?

What does Hande Erçel think?

Hande, immersed in the filming of Iki Yabanci, is very focused on his work and also on how his own courtship evolves (yes, at a trip), but we are sure that the News about their ex have reached their ears. Will she take a similar step in their history with Hakan or will prefer to be more prudent? since she takes regular with his million -sized family, maybe he thinks about it a little more. Of course, the competition just started …

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