Kerem Bürsin’s new lawyer, the protagonist of ‘Love Is in the Air’ is increasingly integrated in the actor’s life and even knows his house. Look at it.

Yesterday we told you how Kerem Bürsin and the Turkish lawyer Busra Akture were increasingly united. We could see how even though they tried not to raise suspicions, the presence of Kerem Bürsin in the life of the lawyer and Is an open secret despite who weighs him.

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Today we bring New clues >With the Turkish lawyer.

Kerem Bürsin invites his girlfriend lawyer to dinner.

We have discovered Kerem Bürsin and his lawyer law girlfriend, Tieding ends . Specifically by the famous video in which Kerem showed the collection of Lego figures of him. He showed his Collection on the table in his living room . A white marble table Very recognizable anywhere. So far everything good, but when the other day Busra showed several photos about his last two weeks, Something caught our attention .

And that table and those Chairs had seen them elsewhere.

Indeed, or we are very twisted or here you have the irrefutable test that Kerem Bürsin is with the Turkish lawyer Busra Akture.

Hankers fans denied it

And of course, how could it be otherwise, the fans of Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel have run to deny that they are The same table and the same chairs , but white and in bottle friends. There is no doubt here.

In we are looking forward to Kerem Bürsin Confirm its new relationship with the Turkish lawyer and of course, that already present its new series ‘an unusual story’ that it was supposed to be ready By mid -2023 but we assume that it will suffer delays because of the earthquake that ravaged the south of Turkey on February 6.

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We will continue informing.

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