Definitely, Kerem Bürsin has won Can Yaman in the hearts of the Turks. The latest movements of both actor have made our Serkan the real idol in his country of origin. The causes are many: we analyze them.

Kerem Bürsin
¿Qué pasa con tu cuerpo, Can Yaman?

If the protagonist of The Turk has a feeling of belonging to his country, right now he must be dusty. His compatriot has won the game. in Türkiye especially, but also in the rest of the world. How and why Kerem Bürsin has won Can Yaman on all possible fronts? Let’s see it.

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Kerem, Türkiye’s new hero

Imagine you were born in Türkiye. You have two actors that petize it inside and outside your country. While one goes to Italy to continue growing as an actor, The other stays within his country of origin (earthquake included, let’s not forget this small-median-in force detail) and is dedicated to promoting the benefits of national corners being the Image of Turkish Airlines.

La imagen tiene un atributo ALT vacío; su nombre de archivo es kerem-bü

What? Do you understand? There are many Turks who throw them in face to have left their country and publicize Italy, their customs, their gastronomy … On the other hand, and in parallel, Kerem Bürsin, representing Turkish Airlines all over the world, Is attracting tourists to a country that, after the tragedy lived, needs it more than ever.

Can Yaman’s tour is raising ampoules

Yes, Can also involved in the collection of funds for the victims of the earthquake. But the truth is that she has a foundation with which she is going around Italy and is raising money … For Italian children with mental health problems.

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Captura de un post de Can Yaman en Instagram en el que agradece a las autoridades su evento en Roma

That it is not that we look bad, on the contrary: all children deserve to be treated in conditions, but it is that the pandemic has also affected Turkey and to that we must add the catastrophe of The one we have already spoken. And that complains the Turks.

Finally, Kerem Bürsin has won Can Yaman also on social networks

If there is a popularity thermometer today, they are social networks. Both Kerem and Can have a legion of fans, of course, but Who manages to add more followers?

Well, let’s go to the least popular, Twitter. While Kerem (who, by the way, trolled the very important network owner) The account has just over 23,000.

Tiktok. Kerem has joined more than 800,000 followers and Can Yaman has an official account (without Check blue, hum, suspicious) that Only has < Strong>137,400. but where is the fat is on Instagram. Ok ? Is it clear to us who has defeated who?

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