Kerem Bürsin has returned to the sets. We are so happy to announce this that there would be little more to add … if it weren’t because there is much to add. We tell you everything you have. That is not little.

If there is something we love is the ability to recover our favorite Turk (with permission from Can Yaman). After a heavy convalescence because of an disco disco operation, Kerem Bürsin has put the monkey work (it is a say) and is rolling again. And no, it does not have a single project in hand: it has two. Because Kerem is a lot of kerem.

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Kerem Bürsin has returned to become the image of a very important company

No less than Turkish Airlines has hired him to be The face of the most important airline in his country. silly are not, of course, and have chosen one of the most famous homeland celebrities in the world.

Esta es una de las muchas stories que el actor ha ido subiendo a modo de pista.

Have you noticed that, from a few weeks to this part, Kerem went up to his stories Videos made with his mobile which he told us about any of the most beautiful corners of Turkey? If you have not noticed, we tell you that it is so. Well, that is part of the Turkish Airlines campaign, in which the actor travels numerous Turkish cities and Sells homeland so that we go to visit him, I say, to visit the country. which is very good. And the country, too.

‘An Unusual Story’, the other project that is brought between hands

Called Bi’tuhaf Hikaye in Turk that we know is a physical waste by Bürsin. We already tell you all the details a few weeks ago. We will have Kerem twice. The national media report that, after the mandatory break, Is accelerating all its projects, that is, in addition to this there is more!

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In fact, this has been the Series that has meant that it ends up through the operating room, since, in the effort to get hills, it was hurt by training. But the bad already happened and we are looking forward to seeing it in action. How good to have you back, Serkan!

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