Has lasted less than an ice cube put in the sun in July: Kerem Bürsin has broken with Mehtap Algül, his influencer girlfriend. Thus they have made public separation and these are the reasons.

They have never confirmed the relationship (something, on the other hand, usual in a very high percentage of celebrities), but went to live together at the house that the actor expressly bought for both of us. However, as he came, he left: Kerem Bürsin and Mehtap Algül have broken their relationship. And, Although the beginnings were not public, the end has been published. We tell you when the news has jumped and what are the reasons.

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Thus we have known that Kerem Bürsin and Mehtap Algül have broken their relationship

Two months have been together, at least, since their relationship was made public. Those who were pending their comings and goings speak half a year. Likewise, very little time.

Although there were witnesses who had seen them together on several occasions, there have been many more who have proven that it was left behind: Has been in a concert of a famous DJ, Mahmut Orhan. Kerem followed him In the VIP zone …

… And Mehtap went with friends to the common area, where he danced and chanted the artist’s songs. And, as we told you, there were witnesses to Porrillo: there are numerous voices that ensure that They crossed and did not head the word.

What would be the reasons for rupture?

There are two main currents on why Kerem Bürsin has broken with Mehtap: one that says that the relationship between the two was really Stormy, and that they discussed more than necessary. If I breathed love, with Mehtap, apparently, the Broncas were constant.

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Hande Erçel apoyada en Kerem Bürsin en una foto promocional
Al parecer, Kerem no está por la labor de que le vuelvan a romper el corazón y no quiere parejas serias.

The other theory about rupture says that Kerem, after the failure of his last serious relationship, the one he had with Hande Erçel, does not look for anything serious, while Mehtap did want to form a family to his side. In fact, the theories are not exclusive … and there are also Strong rumors that on the set of Already çok Seversen there is “too much” complicity between the two protagonists. Oh, ay, ay.

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