Turkish actor Kerem Bürsin of ‘Love is in the air’ has exploded against an animal abuse case in a shopping center. We tell you.

The Sad show between two lynx and a mouse that is shown in an Akara shopping center in Turkey has not gone unnoticed for Kerem Bürsin who is a Recognized animal lover and that has exploded before injustice.

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The facts were denounced by a Twitter user who Recorded a video /Strong>To kill him at the watchful eye of the public.

Those responsible for such a sad show Use mice so that the lynx hunt them and thus attract more public to the Nata Vega de Ankara shopping center that does not hesitate record everything with the mobile to upload it to social networks.

Kerem Bürsin explodes against abuse

A blush show and that Did not go unnoticed by Kerem Bürsin , that before such injustice he did not hesitate to leave a hard comment on the Twitter thread:

What do these animals do in a shopping center? Kerem said. And worse, why do you feed the lynx with live mice to attract the public?

Cenk Bey clarifies to Kerem, that the shopping center has been doing the same with animals since 2017 and that it has been tried several times to denounce the event without success because today it is still done.

According to other comments, this practice is very common in Turkey, where for example Monkeys tied by a leg or by the neck for Attract tourists are used for example. although the fact is persecuted and denounced for a long time.

Kerem Bürsin, one of the most respected Turkish actors, not only has time to prepare new projects and train to be in shape, also take time to put its grain of sand against animal abuse and thus raise awareness Society to get a better place in Turkey.

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