Kerem Bürsin used his popularity as the protagonist of the series ‘Love is in the air’ to get the attention of Doña Letizia and get help for those affected by the Turkey earthquake.

You already know that the protagonist of the series ‘Love is in the air’, the Turkish actor Kerem Bürsin is a Solidarity and committed type with the social causes and after the earthquakes that are unfortunately Turkey since February 6 and that they have destroyed much of the south of the country, Kerem Bürsin has shown that Is not only committed but also dedicates their Time and energy At the foot of the ground to help those affected by the earthquake.

Foto: Casa Real española.

On March 3 Doña Letizia went to a meeting of the Unicef Board of Directors in Madrid as an honorary president. This organization is committed to the Protection of the rights of children worldwide , and on the agenda of the last meeting was the collection of help for children in Turkey and Syria who suffered the earthquake.

There is no doubt that Doña Letizia knew the serious state in which there are hundreds of thousands of people who have been homeless and that Kerem Bürsin has been an essential piece at the time to send the request for help to all corners of the world to assert their fame to raise awareness of the difficult situation they are living Including Queen Doña Letizia.

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