This has been the help message of Kerem Bürsin to Spain for the earthquake that has devastated his country.

All Turkish actors are overturned to help the Turkish people in these hard moments in which An earthquake of great magnitude has devastated the south of their country and part of Siri. The list of dead, wounded and missing continues to go up and The first hours are crucial to try to minimize the impact of the catastrophe. All Turkish actors to a greater or lesser extent Are disseminating telephone numbers information, help or support messages to those affected.

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Kerem Bürsin asks Spain for the Turkey earthquake

This has been the case of Kerem Bürsin the mythical protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’, which Aware of the great fandom he owns in Spain wanted to launch a message in Spanish in which he asks for desperate help.

Mensaje de ayuda de Kerem Bürsin a España

The message is a repost of the MehmetCturco account in which they indicate where and how donations can be made. Kerem Bürsin’s help message to Spain says:

“… Materials can be donated. The materials subject to donation are expected to be released and are Suitable for winter conditions . It is pledged that the materials are placed In boxes that are not too large for the loading of the airplanes and that Write in them information about the content of the packages. The Boxes must be closed after passing the necessary controls.


  • Embajada de Turquía en Madrid (C/ Rafael Calvo, 18, 2 A-B 28010 Madrid) +34 913103904
  • Hard Rock Hotel Madrid (Ronda de Atocha 17, 28012, Madrid. Al lado de la puerta principal) +34 915308000
  • THY Madrid Deposito (Centro de carga aerea Madrid-Barajas. Parcela 2.4 Nave 7. 28042. Madrid. De 9:30 a 17:00 horas
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Next to this message, Kerem has posted about 20 more messages, but All in Turkish . The only one who has posted in another language different from his has been the one that we have just told you In Spanish and confirms The great union that the Turkish actor has with our people with our people with whom he feels at home and who wanted to make this necessary request in search of help.

It is time not to disappoint Kerem putting each of us a grain of sand to help Turkey. What are you waiting for?

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