We are going to tell you everything about the ‘Tire Smash’ the strange hammer sport with which Kerem Bürsin gets that body.

We all knew that the Turkish actor of ‘Love is in the air’ has that muscular body thanks to the fact that Many hours are crushed in the gym . We have seen him pulling weight or boxing, but this last discipline to which Kerem Bürsin has hooked has us hypnotized and surprised.

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Kerem Bürsin also practices Crossfit, a sports discipline that Connects movements of different sports such as weightlifting, metabolic or gymnastic training . It consists of performing a series of exercises (flexions, traction, etc.), in a certain time and with a Defined number of repetitions . Among the exercises that make up the Crossfit is The sport with a hammer of Kerem Bürsin that showed us yesterday in its stories and that since we saw a deck in hand, we have not been able to stop investigating it.

What is the ‘Tire Smash’, the sport with a hammer of Kerem Bürsin?

The ‘Tire Smash’ consists of Hitting with a hammer or deck a tire a certain number of times. It can be executed with both arms or with one and during their execution the muscles of the arms, the shoulders and The power of the whole body in general are worked.

Kerem Bürsin has returned to the Match Box Fitness gym, one of his favorites to practice crossfit and how good images of him he has given us.

And of course, New Year, new routine , so when we saw that Kerem gave us this image, we began to suspect that Kerem pointed to the fashionable crossfit routine, the ‘Tire Smash’ . In the image we can see the truck wheel she uses and the deck or hammer that also has the acronym of her name, K.B.

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inscribed inscribed.

This sport is strenuous and tests each and every muscles of the protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’ who is even exhausted, has the face of being spent fear of fear Crushing a tire.

It seems that the scare we had these days ago there is no memory and the actor has returned to give everything to the gym with this sport with a hammer of Kerem Bürsin that you will surely want to practice because … cool male!

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