Kanye West, Kim Kardashian’s ex is losing the north and has thus presented himself in a Balenciaga store, the brand that expelled him for racist.

Kanye West is obsessed with the Balenciaga fashion brand and despite the fact that the brand abandoned him to accuse him of being a Anti -Semit To have a shopping night with his brand new wife, but carrying A chest shield that reminds us of the Nazi Germany.

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provocación racista de Kanye West en Balenciaga

Kanye is no longer the millionaire rapper who was before, but it seems that it is still very rich since he took His wife Bianca Censori to the Balenciaga store of Beverly Hills on Wednesday night in Rodeo Drive, and could be seen carrying with Several bags full of clothes , which is also not affordable for the common of mortals and that surely has not been given by the brand as they did before .

Kanye West is a provocative and a racist

Kanye wore a shirt with an German army shield or Bundeswehr that was used fair Before the Nazis adopted the swastika . A provocation of very bad taste for the brand that Expelled him precisely for his racist statements against the Jews.

It seems that Kanye does not care to be expelled from Balenciaga. Kanye likes the brand and although No longer works with them , with this visit it shows that If you want anything you buy it and incidentally, leave you a message in German army shield form, in case they had doubts about their ideology. What we do not know is if they have made A discount on their purchase , but we already dare to say that ‘it does not look’.

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Kanye West has lost the support of brands for things like this

Balenciaga and Kanye had a strong collaboration contract and was even the opener of the firm parade at the Fashion Week of Paris weeks before they fired him for his racist comments.

After Ye the dismissal of Ye, Balenciaga had its own scandal for a Photo shoot in which children could be seen next to stuffed edges dressed in leather who remembered the Dress Sado-Maso . This together with the complaints that related them to a child pornography network, made the whole case of Kanye pass without penalty or glory until today in which Kanye has decided to get the attention again of this so little elegant and aggressive.

Kanye West could deny Australia entry for their racist and anti -Semitic comments

In the last hours the news has also jumped by which Kanye West could deny the entrance to Australia to meet the family of his current Bianca Women Censori precisely for this type of comments.

It seems that Kanye is a professional ‘bocachancla and his attitude could be worth having to turn around at Melbourne’s own airport since the authorities are not willing to accept entry into the country to No one with those ideals. Australian Minister of Education Jason Clare said: “People so requested visas to enter Australia in the past, has been rejected,” Clare said in an interview. “I hope, if you submit the application, have to go through the same process and answer the same questions as them.”

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Without a doubt this is Another setback for Kanye that after being expelled from Twitter and Adidas continues Adding scandals to his already busy life.

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