Get ready to find out how a world star travels when on tour. This is what Justin Bieber’s caravan looks like inside.

If a few days ago we showed you Rafa Nadal’s catamaran valued at five and a half million euros, today it’s time to show you its equivalent on land, this motorhome owned by Justin Bieber and bought this year to travel on his tour. It is valued at 2.5 million dollars.

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Photo: Agencies

That the planned tour has been stopped has been a setback that Justin has been able to solve by using the motor-home as a motorhome for his country excursions to the state of Utah with his wife, Hailey Baldwin. Can you imagine being so comfortable in your town and Justin showing up driving this tome?

That’s how it is inside. Hold on. Porn for campers.

Photo: Agencies

LED lights, screens on all sides. Gold leather seats… which is Justin piloting, a caravan or the Starship Enterprise?

Photo: Agencies

Behind the chimney that you see on the left, is the driver’s station. Everything is decorated with indirect LED lighting, skylights to let in natural light, leather, wood, and plush rugs. Come on, not even my living room. I’m telling you.

What you see in the background is the double room (now we will arrive). On the left the dining room and on the right the kitchen, in case no Burger King is open in Utah.

Photo: Agencies

Here you have the double room with a king-size bed, one of those that you only find in good hotels.

And a ‘thousand’ inch TV could not be missing in front of the bed. And you, meanwhile, watching Netflix on your mobile. How unfair life is. Think about it.

Photo: Agencies

And here is your bathroom, with two sinks and plenty of marble. But beware, this is not all. See that wood-lined room in the back? Hold on.

Photo: Agencies

U-NA-SAU-NA… The guy has a sauna inside his motorhome. Suck that, Rafa Nadal. He has set up a sauna in case he comes home tired from the walk in the fields and needs to reposition his chakras.

How? That Justin Bieber’s motorhome lacks a gym? Hold my drink…. nooooooo. It doesn’t have a gym, don’t go overboard, but it does have a garage where up to two motorcycles can enter, to explore the area in case so much comfort could get you bored. What do you want me to tell you, everything is fine, but what we would really like is for all the concerts that Justin has stopped this year to be held again because of the coronavirus. And that he did it by touring the entire planet riding in his brand new caravan, valued at two and a half million dollars, to be able to yell at him as he enters our town, what’s up Justin Bieber?

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