Jennifer Lopez surprised us today showing a very expensive and exclusive ring of a Spanish brand only within a few (and you are not)

J. He was preparing to leave this weekend with some friends and as usual, the American singer showed the styling chosen for the occasion. From the hairstyle to the dress, the shoes, the Makeup to the jewels , when something caught our attention.

Jennifer Lopez Fan of this expensive Spanish ring

But of course, the ring that has J.lo is not the basic model but another ‘tiger ring’ loaded with precious stones. Specifically the ring model that has been this:

A lord Ring valued at € 36,520 that is only accessible to a few privileged among which Jennifer is and that is composed of gold, diamonds and a smoked quartz gem that the singer wore in His Saturday left with Kim Kardashian.

Come on, that J. wants to kill his 233 million users with a hallery blow and is getting it.

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