A jealous fight is unleashed at the wedding of Kiko Matamoros and those involved are well known .

Finally Kiko Matamoros and Marta López Alamo have married. It was a very happy day in the life of both. The couple gave the “yes, I want” after four years of relationship in the church of San Miguel , located in the center of Madrid. This caused a multitude of curious to congregate who wanted to see both the couple and the rest of the guests.

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Those involved in the wedding fight

As Iván Reboso has revealed this Sunday, May 4, in the Party program, Antonio Carmona and Alejandro Nieto were engaged in a Dispute at Kiko’s wedding and Marta . The reason for this dispute was a compliment that the singer would have directed to Tania Medina, girlfriend of the winner of Survivors 2022.

This was what it said in Save And he starts touching his back and Tania says: ‘What are you doing?’, And he takes his hand. So, when I see that gesture, I go to both of them and I say: ‘Hey, it seems very ugly that you touch my wife, that it is the last time you touch her, both you and you “.

“Antonio Carmona tells me:‘ Disculp me, I have not realized ’, and I tell him that I don’t care who the two are. He touched his back and said something in his ear. Antonio Carmona apologized because he would not realize and end, nothing else happened ”, Alejandro told Kiko in Save me.

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