Now that, as far as we know, both are single, there is a future for Demet Özdemir and Can Yaman. Some time ago they had a most passionate story, but what would wait for them in a second part? They are compatible? We have asked the numerology to know what chances of success are.

Ah, ¿que los de Crush nos están mirando los números? Pues p’alante.

Have you heard of numerology? It consists of finding your number by adding all the digits of your date of birth to reduce them to one. Knowing this, Is there a future for Demet Özdemir and Can Yaman as a couple according to this old practice? Now that she has separated (and with many troubles behind), it may be the ideal time to resume that love. Let’s see what the numbers say.

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¿Qué dirán los números de nosotros, Can? ¡Tengo miedo!

The future for Demet Özdemir and Can Yaman according to numerology

Let’s start by examining the Demet Özdemir number: He was born on February 26, 1992: 2+6+2+1+9+9+2 = 31; 3+1 = 4. The number 4 is considered a Stability and security number. people with this number tend to be workers, practical and disciplined. They can also be Perfectionists and retailers, which can sometimes lead to control and rigidity problems.

Detallista, trabajadora y perfeccionista: ahí lo tienes, Oguzhan, no lo digo yo.

Can Yaman was born on November 8, 1989: 8+1+1+9+8+9 = 37; 3+7 = 10; 1+0 = 1. Can Yaman’s number 1 is considered a Leadership and energy number. people with this number tend to be independent, ambitious and safe. Can also be impatient and dominant, which can sometimes be seen as arrogance.

Can Yaman en la gala de Disney+ Turquía
¿Arrogante yoooooo?

Very different, but complementary personalities

At first glance, these two numbers seem to have very different personalities. However, compatibility does not only go to the degree of affinity, but also of how the differences between the two are handled. In this case, The combination of a 4 and 1 could be beneficial, since Demet’s practical and detailed skills could balance the ambition and energy of Can.

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Venga, ánimo, que nos dan opciones. ¿Lo intentamos o qué?

In addition, Both numbers have a disciplined and objective -oriented approach, which might mean that they work well in projects and shared goals. Will we see them again together not only in real life, but also in fiction? How would a Dream bird 2, eh?

Chemistry and emotional connection would make the rest, as well as respect, communication and disposition to work together to overcome the challenges. And it seems that, in that sense, the numerology does sign up for a mutual predisposition to achieve it. Hopefully we have one day back to this couple!

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