Oguzhan Koç, the ex -husband of Demet Özdemir, has made statements to the media that we do not know if they have been the result of awkwardness, of the descoloque or if they were prepared, but all those present have been flipping ( And we too, of course).

Although for us the surface is Demet Özdemir, its ex -husband is also a great Celebrity in their country of origin: that is why their statements, made on Monday, have been so controversial. And it is that the divorce of these two does not stop giving a blows, Chiiiiiiiica!

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They ask you a question and your answer is really unexpected

We are used to the fact that, In the midst of a canutazo, the celebrities try to escape. Canutazos are those clouds of microphones in the middle of the street, when you enter a place or salts of it, and where the questions are normally personal.

This happened to Oguzhan Koç, whom we have seen lately move from falling into dejection, from dejection to resignation, Of resignation to the attempt of reconquest and the attempt to reconquest to …?

“Is there anyone in your life?”: These were the statements of Demet Özdemir’s ex -husband

Well, let’s go back to Canutazo. It turns out that Oguzhan Is on tour, and at the moment it has intensified (you know, the summer comes and wants music, concerts, festivals …). This weekend fell through Sariyer, an Istanbul district, and everything happened there. And where it is best expressed (also personally) is on stage. That’s why there was so much won.

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So, among the microphone cloud, journalists, more avid to know how he carries his breakup, finally asked him: “Is there anyone in your life?” And the singer, neither short nor lazy, replied: “I don’t know, we’ll see. Although maybe you can’t see it, ”he confessed.

And this is where the answer we have been ruminating. What did he mean? What do you plan to hide your private life under seven keys? What your girlfriend is very far? What is boyfriend? Because let’s see, the Turks will be modetes, but being gay there is still a little taboo, huh? These Equivocal statements are in the line that I recently made Demet Özdemir … we will follow the track.

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