We bring you exclusive photos of Lali Espósito in Bikini enjoying some minivacations in Punta del Este before the last season of ‘Sky Red’ is released.

We are double congratulations. 1) Because today the third and expected season of the Netflix series ‘Sky Red’ and 2) is released because we have exclusively achieved the photos of the previous holidays of Lali Espósito in Bikini.

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To Uruguay, more specifically to the Punta del Este beaches, they headed Laly and some friends to spend a peaceful beach and sun day before their promotional visit to Spain where we could see it Together with Miguel Ángel Silvestre, another of the protagonists of the series, in the ‘El Hormiguero’ program.

Lali Espósito in Bikini in Punta del Este

With a house brand and an orange bikini we could see Lali Espósito relax with his mate in his hand. How not?

Only a few weeks ago we could see Lali sing the anthem of his country during the final of the World of Qatar between Argentina and France , something that has been a shock for The singer and actress since the proposal came by surprise a few hours before the game, while she was partying as a fan and with hardly any voice. In the end Lali interpreted the hymn of wonder and it seems that after this state of nerves and stress, she decided to gather her closest friends to relax and enjoy the sun and the sea for a few hours.

Lali Espósito in Bikini to celebrate the last season of ‘Sky Red’

The third and final Red Sky season has already been released. A series in which Lali gives life to a prostitute who flees from her captivity with two friends played by the Spanish actress Verónica Sánchez and the Cuban Yani Prado. In their escape they will be persecuted by Romeo and Moses interpreted by Asier Etxeandía and Miguel Ángel Silvestre respectively that they will not stop until they find them.

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There is no doubt that this is the year of Lali Espósito since according to his own words “2023 is full of projects”, among which are a tour, so we can see Lali acting in the main Spanish cities . Ganazas.

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