We know the date of the new Demet Özdemir and Engin Akyürek series and eye because it is already already.

In Turkey they have just announced the release date of ‘Adim Farah’ (‘My name is Farah’), The new Demet Özdemir and Engin Akyürek TV on Wednesdays. Attentive because we are going to tell you all the details of the arrival of this expected series of our former ‘dream bird’ and the very beautiful Engin Akyürek of ‘The escape’.

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All We are looking forward of Turkey and part of Syria on the 6th of the same month.

When the new Demet Özdemir and Engin Akyürek series premieres?

In the beginning the series had been announced for February 15 but because of the earthquake that occurred in Turkey on February 6, it had to postpone. Finally ‘Adim Farah’ will be released on March 1.

What is the argument of ‘Adim Farah’?

In the series, Demet Özdemir will play Farah and Engin Akyürek to Tahir Lekesiz.

Farah (Demet Özdemir), has to flee illegally from his country and fight to survive with his sick son. On the way he is witnessing a crime for what his life and that of Tahir Lekesiz (Engin Akyürek) a chief of the mafia, unintentionally bind. The series is Based on an international success called ‘The Cleaning Lady’ so success is almost assured.

The distribution of actors in ‘Adim Farah’

This series is an interpretive challenge for Demet Özdemir that has gone from interpreting romantic comedy to a very demanding man drama and in which we are sure that Demet is going to show all his potential as an actress.

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Demet Özdemir, Engin Akyürek


Senan Kara

Tulip Başar
Oktay çubuk

Mustafa Avkıran
Ali Sürmeli

Advance of ‘Adim Farah’

More than ‘adim farah’

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