The program ‘I have a letter for you’ in Canale 5 and Can Yaman has already been issued, he left every ice cream with a hard statement: “I feel alone”

This last Saturday the famous program ‘There is a letter for you’ (c’è post per te) was broadcast in Italy, presented by Maria de Filippi in Canale 5, a channel where the last series of Can Yaman was also broadcast , ‘Viola eats il mare’ co -starring Francesca Chillemi. María de Filippi presented to Can Yaman as “one of the most beloved actors by the public with more than 10 million followers” and the set literally fell with the screams of emotion of the attendees. Can Yaman appeared Radiant , dressed in a tight beak sweater and very elegant tweezers that had a glove left.

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María de Filippi’s famous program is a format known to all in Spain since in Antena 3 it was called ‘there is a letter for you’ and was presented by Isabel Gemio, but in Telecinco I was He called ‘there is one thing that I want to tell you’ and was presented by Carlos Sobera. In it and taking advantage of a letter that raises a problem and that comes to the writing, the protagonists and a famous one who will generally help to solve the situation is invited. This has been The case of Giuseppe , who turned to María de Filippi to try to surprise his wife Francesca who is also very fan of Can Yaman.

The hard story that moved Can Yaman

Giuseppe told everyone that he had a problem on May 2, 2020, when when he slipped into the Bathroom, two vertebrae fractured staying motionless from the waist down. But the thing did not end there, after leaving the hospital he learned that in addition to having been paralyz They were complicated. Giuseppe’s wife now had to face 4 children, another who was on the way, her work and a husband who does not use himself.

Over time Giuseppe was recovering and he already uses himself but wanted to thank the great effort and love that his wife had given him all this time presenting his favorite actor, Can Yaman. “My wife has a weakness and it is he, so I want her to know him”, words that seemed to have fun and laughed who laughed next to Joseph.

And Can Yaman makes its entrance surprising Francesca.

In the second part of the program, c An yaman hides and Francesca, Giuseppe’s wife enters set without knowing very well what she does there. Something suspects but when Can Yaman appears on the screen, Francesca wants to die.

Can Yaman sits next to Francesca and says: “Come from another country to meet you, you are very strong, your story struck me a lot ” and continue: “In this period I feel alone, I would like to have a strong woman like you by my side. Maybe come to Salerno, if you have a sister, with an excuse to take medications in the pharmacy (Francesca is a pharmacist) “. And finally Can Yaman took off a necklace and gave it to Francesca warning: “Can create a link between you and me “, to which the public broke up applauding with the tear hanging. P>

The program that was recorded since mid -December, proved to be a audience success razing on Saturday night and leaving very good reviews among the spectators.

Of course, Can Yaman with his phrase: “… In this moment of life I find me very alone” has scared the fans who have interpreted this as a request for help for the hard season of filming of the new series of Can Yaman ‘El Turco’ in Bulgaria and will last a couple more months, waiting for him to end at the end of March.

Can Yaman feels alone, that is clear, but only a couple of months left, three at most, to return to his beloved Italy where his friends are.

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