Imagine that you are Can Yaman, Kerem Bürsin, Burak Deniz or Engin Akyürek and you want to awaken their attention and that they fall in love with you.

Thus told is a Authentic geek , we are aware, but Imagine that it would happen. Imagine that you have an appointment with some of them and you have to show you that you are a girl interested in their customs, gastronomy … even that you know some Turkish joke Capable of stealing a smile . Ok, stop imagining it and get to work with these 10 tricks to fall in love with a Turkish actor who surely, or almost certainly, will help you capture the attention of Can Yaman, Kerem Bürsin or Burak Deniz arrived at the time. Of course, if you embark on this Business, you do not lose your punch or your hobbies, above all, the important thing is that I love you As you are . More would be missing.

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How to fall in love with a Turkish actor in 10 simple steps

Falling someone from a different culture can be A challenge exciting and challenging at the same time. If you are interested in falling in love with a Turkish actor or unless you look at you, it is important that you surprise you with your Naturalness and these 10 secrets to fall in love with a Turkish actor.

Trick to fall in love with a Turkish actor for food

Gastronomy is an important part of Turkish culture, and an excellent way to surprise a Turkish actor, such as Can Yaman, is to show him that you know the most succulent dishes in Turkey such as Börek, Dolma or Türlü. With this we do not mean that you have to take a quick Turkish cooking course to win the Mancebo By the stomach . We are no longer in those times, if someone has to cook That he is for you . But girl, imagine that he invites you to a restaurant with three half moons Micheturquin in Istanbul, better than you know Handle you with the letter , right? Another trick, challenge or madness, call it as you want, is that you discover A new world of flavors mixing Spanish gastronomy with the Turkish. Hey, the same to take Kerem Bürsin a Kebap stuffed with paella gets to think: “I don’t know who this girl is but has penetrated me in the deepest part of my heart.” Think about it, 😉

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Trick to fall in love with a Turkish actor: Fill you phrases in his tongue

Learning some phrases in Turk can be the difference between a “meh” and a “wow” with a Turkish actor, since with this Wink, wink, codazo You are going to show you that you are really Interested in putting a card . Look, we are going to share a couple of examples of Turkish sayings:

“Kiminle Gezdiğini Söyle, Eğer Iyi ise, UN Bana Yolla” (tell me who are you with and if it’s good, you send it to me)

“Uçan Yüz Kuş Olsa da, Eldeki Türk Aktör Daha Değerlidar” (better Turkish actor in hand than one hundred flying).

This is especially indicated for our ‘dream bird’, Can Yaman. Surely you leave ‘dead Matao’ and Wants to know more things about you.

Can Yaman podría estar camino a Turquía

Trick to fall in love with a Turkish actor: he wears Turkish music as a mobile tone

Look, okay, this is a flipada, very Tiktoker Teen, but what if your mobile sounds in the presence of Burak Deniz and you have the mellium the hits of Tarkan, Sila or Mfö? There you have won points. Ah, you have no idea who these artists are? We leave you here more info in case you feel like throwing an orejo.

Tarkan is a famous Turkish pop singer and composer, whose songs have been very popular in Turkey and in other Turkish -speaking countries. Some of him’s best known songs include “ımarık”, “Dudu” and “Kuzu Kuzu.”

Sylla is a Turkish pop singer and composer Very famous , whose music combines elements of traditional Turkish music with modern pop. Some of her most popular songs include “Kenar Süsü”, “Vaziyetler” and “Sevişmeden Uyumayalım”. It is also the wife of Ilker Kaleli, the protagonist of the series ‘The Turkish Passion’ and which we already talked about here.

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Mfö (also known as Mazhar-Fuat -özkan) is a very popular and long-standing Turkish pop group. The group was formed in the 1980s and has launched many successes over the years, such as “Ele Güne Karşı Yapayalnız”, “Sarı Laleler” and “Peki Peki Anladık.”

Trick to fall in love with a Turkish actor: Tell him a joke

Look, this is a Turkish joke and it may not be very funny for a Spanish, but believe us that a Turkish actor will leave the box very strong.

Yarasa Taklidi Yapan Tavşan Ne Olur? CEVAP: Tavana Yapışır.

Translation: What happens to rabbit that mimics a bat? Answer: It is stuck to the roof.

Don’t ask and shear it. The Turkish sense of humor is something we don’t pilot yet.

Trick to fall in love with a Turkish actor: make a coffee fan

Turkey has many interesting traditions, such as the celebration of the Turkish New Year and the Turkish coffee ceremony . If you familiarize yourself with these traditions and share them with your favorite Turkish actor the possibilities of Like are in your favor.

And it is that eye, this type of drink is achieved by cooking coffee and its consistency is almibarada and foamy with a powerful body that is its main hallmark, something you have to get used to you from now if you want to accompany Your boy.

Trick to fall in love with a Turkish actor: the family is the first

Family is a very important institution in Turkish culture. So much so that it is essential that their partners show the same respect for their families and policies. Therefore, if your favorite Turkish actor Invited you to have dinner with his parents , you would not have to make you tremble with fear, the ideal is that you take it as something natural, like a beautiful gesture.

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Trick to fall in love with a Turkish actor (or to whom you want): be yourself

An infallible trick to attract others, but above all To be happy is to love the same. Show yourself as you are before you and before the eyes of others. Do not try to change who you are to fit in the other, whether Yaman or your office partner, share or not the same customs or culture. Be authentic and honest, and enjoy the experience of falling in love.

In conclusion, conquering a Turkish actor requires maintaining a Open mind towards their culture, traditions, gastronomy, their language, even its sense of humor. but always being the same. That will be the real secret when it comes to falling in love with a Turkish actor. By the way, if you get it, tell us.

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