You are a fan, you know you even the last detail of him, but do you know how Can Yaman pronounced? We tell you.

Can Yaman has in love since we discovered him in his soap opera ‘Dreamy bird’ (‘Daydreamer’ or ‘Erkenci Kus’). We know all his girlfriends long before he began to go out with Diletta Leotta, the announcer of Dazn, we know her hobbies, where her house was in Rome (the one now no idea), we know her friends, her projects and we even know to his mother.

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But there is one thing that none of us knows how to do well and it is Pronouncing his name because he has not yet given us to learn Turkish, but everything will walk.

We already tell you the meaning of Can Yaman in Turkish and its equivalent in Spanish and of course, to us that we are very curiosonas, it has given us to investigate how its name is pronounced, it is not that – we will find it – we will find it out there and we are fatal when pronouncing your real name.

How can Yaman pronounce

You have it here. Now to memorize.

The phonetic transcription according to the University of Crush.News would be something like “Yan Yamáan” and the best of all is that it is very similar to how we pronounce it in Spanish but getting “can” for “Yan” , which gives the name of Can Yaman a Extra sensuality , if that were possible.

Can Yaman is in the final stretch of the filming of ‘El Turco’

And while our dear “Yan Yamáan” is still immersed in the filming of his new series for Disney+ ‘El Turco’, a blockbuster based on a homonymous historical book that is maximizing the physical skills of Can Yaman and that we are sure we are sure That will be a before and after in the actor’s career since being shot in English, we are sure that he will open the doors to the international market.

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