Naomi Asensi is one of the most fun contestants of ‘The island of temptations and as such has committed this suspicious carelessness during the recording of a Tiktok. Look at it.

Naomi Asensi is one of the most controversial contestants of this latest edition of ‘The island of temptations to the tempting who were going to enter their villa and who have so much fun at home.

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Naomi outside ‘the island’ has a hilarious channel of Tiktok in which he tells how his day to day, his concerns, sings, dances and generates content for his followers.

Naomi’s carelessness that reveals that he has changed Adrián for satisfying

And perhaps because of being so fun, what we are going to show you now Could be an oversight or something that Naomi has made Posta because we can see the contestant of ‘The island of The temptations’ using a Satisfy as a microphone while sings.

And we doubt that it is an oversight since Naomi is interpreting ‘Flowers’, the song that Miley Cyrus supposed Better, but now that she is alone, she can do what she wants.

@naomisuperasensi Esta noche por fin se estrena #lidlt6 en Telecinco. ¿Acabaré comprando mis propias flores? #musicaLIDLT @Miley Cyrus ♬ Flowers – Miley Cyrus

Has Naomi changed to Adrián for satisfying?

But beware because with this post of Tiktok Naomi he is making us ‘spoiler’ about how his relationship with Adrián Blanch has remained to which it seems that Has changed for a satisfying when he returns alone of the island .

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And that is not the only clue about the Upstage of its relationship with Adrián that leaves us Naomi in Tiktok. Attentive to this other video in which Naomi leaves it clarinet and that we could title ‘Pedrolo or drama?’ .

@naomisuperasensi #dúo con @La Isla De Las Tentaciones ¿Creéis que habrá pedrolo o drama? Déjalo en comentarios 😂 ¡Lunes a las 22:00 GRAN ESTRENO de #LaIslaDeLasTentaciones en Telecinco! #viral #parati #lidlt6 #fyp #humor ♬ sonido original – La Isla De Las Tentaciones

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