Hate to Kerem Bürsin’s girlfriend is growing exponentially. There is no day that we do not know of any new comment with which the influencer is beginning to feel the weight being a couple of someone whom everyone would want to see with Hande Erçel. These are some of the most toxic messages.

“Pero ¿qué les ha hecho mi chica, por favor?”.

“It’s a circus”

Recently, Kerem’s girlfriend Published two photos in his Feed of Instagram and rained the negative comments. Mehtap put a couple of images in which we see her lying on a sofa and with a flower dress. He wrote “2 Much” (Too Much, that is, too much) followed by a four -sheet clover. Too much luck, did you mean? soon began to answer. And not in the best terms.

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Mehtap Algül en un sofá tumbada y mirando a cámara

“The lady lives on it [of Kerem, gets out]. I will not offend if you eliminate my comment, you will demonstrate who you are, ”says a user of the social network. Another person highlights the fact of publishing every time Kerem does, and adds: “You can tell you to demonstrate something that may only exist in your imagination.”

Mehtap Algül en un sofá tumbada y mirando su móvil

There are even those who tell him to open his eyes because he will notice the evil eye. “She is not the guy who likes Kerem,” she says. Another one of “list” and that “maybe hunt”.

Hate to Kerem Bürsin’s girlfriend has a reason

Many people put the Emoji of the evil Turkish eye, a little (we imagine) to protect it from him. It is well known that there is a common thing: let’s remember how Hande Erçel thought they had thrown him into his niece. And speaking of Hande, she is precisely the reason why Many kerem fans do not accept Mehtap. This, apparently, would have especially concerned Bürsin, who does not know how to manage this personal and image crisis.

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Hande Erçel apoyada en Kerem Bürsin en una foto promocional
No podemos superar a Hankers y creemos que él tampoco.

Surely for that reason the actor does not want to confirm his relationship: he knows that the Hankers movement is very very strong, and Making public that he has also passed the page could harm him. Well Kerem, Chico, in Crush.News believe that it is time for you to decide to be clear with your fans, or is it that Hande is still alive in your thinking? Is that?

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