Hande Erçel and Blanca Paloma in the same news? What is happening, what is happening? Tranquis, that everything has a reason and we are sure that you will love it. We tell you.

While the actress continues in her interpretive career by rolling what her next job will be, Iki yabanci, together with Burak Deniz, our Eurovision representative does the same in the face of the imminent Eurofans festival . But recently Has made a wink Hande Erçel to Blanca Paloma in issues of style that has excited us a little, the truth.

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Hablando de todo un poco, qué ganazas de ver ‘Iki Yabanci’, ¿no?

As you will surely know if you follow the Eurovision Festival, many years ago Turkey does not participate in it. In fact, Are not since 2012, date on which they retired as a protest. But that does not mean that, as it is an international event that (obviously) and reaches all corners of the world, Turkish celebs also have their favorites. come on, we don’t have the slightest doubt that it is so. And why wasn’t Blanca Paloma that of our favorite Turkish actress?

Hande Erçel’s wink to Blanca Paloma in black and white

And gives us that Hande Erçel is Blanca Paloma and his enigmatic Eaea . who point it as one of the names that can win the prize. Will she do it? We still have a few weeks left for that. But the Love is in the air actress has up >

Posado de Hande Erçel junto a una piscina con trenza
Con ese look (trenza, aros enormes) Hande tiene algo de musa del flamenco.

That braid braid with a medium line and black hair is very white dove, don’t you think? The truth is that both, the Turkish actress and the Spanish singer, Are beautiful and share certain facial features, but it would be wonderful for Hande Erçel to support our representative, we are not going to deceive you. Pronounce yourself, Hande!

Posado de Hande Erçel con trenza y un perro sentada junto a una piscina
Ese toque algo aflamencado de la trenza e incluso del look completo nos ha recordado mucho a Blanca Paloma e incluso a Rosalía.
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