Everything that is made Erçel is a trend, it is so. But many of the garments that are put (night dresses, impossible heels, etc.), although we love to see them are not for day to day. However, in one of his most relaxed looks he has shared a complement that we have immediately wanted. The problem: it costs 860 euros. We have found it identical by 75.

Every time I see some model of the protagonist of ‘Iki Yabanci’ in my eyes I immediately become that neighbor of ‘Here there is no one who lives’ and I say: “What will this girl go always.” is like that, I can’t help it. What happens is also that I cannot adapt almost any trend of Hande Erçel because dressing rooms like those who wore in Cannes are ideal to see them in an event, but who uses them in their day to day? That, without counting on what all their looks cost, that the Primark is as the same as I the Casino de Montecarlo.

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No me veo bajando a por el pan así, la verdad.

Until I have seen it in the filming caravan of ‘Iki Yabanci’ with a look of those who set a trend. A suit type vest with nothing underneath, match shorts and, above all, Shoes:

Are we ideal of total death? Of course and we know. The web that can be customized. Man, is that for that price I hope they will make breakfast and spend the Roomba daily. So we have been looking for clues about its origin but, above all, We wanted a Lowcost version to offer you in the event that, like me, you are wishing to have some. P>

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Hande Erçel’s tendency in shoes has a price: 860 euros

This is the very exclusive firm Loro Piana, an Italian clothing, footwear and other accessories not suitable for all pockets. Rather: suitable for very few pockets.

Hande can be allowed: Good for her. But how to get our cheap version? Well look where, Aliexpress, the trends photocopier, already has her own version and, judging by the price, they should not be:

To top it up in countless colors, so you can adapt them to the look that best goes. What, prepared to look like Hande this summer? And to link Kerem Bürsin?

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