Gamze Erçel, Hande Erçel’s sister ‘Love is in the air’, will give Mavi a little brother and adopt a child who has been orphaned because of the earthquake of Turkey.

The entire planet is overturned with Turkey by the earthquake of magnitude 7.8 that suffered on February 6. Even the area have moved Aid units and rescue to try to save the few survivors between the ruins still alive.

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Among the help that is coming from the entire planet is the one that the Turkish actors and actresses are providing with their messages of support and millionaire donations such as Can Yaman or Burak Deniz that is in an aid center trying to lend a hand in person.

Gamze Erçel and her husband have requested the adoption of a child

Among all the aid we have learned through the Instagram account of Gamze Erçel and her husband Caner Yildirim , which Have requested to the Ministry of Family and Services Turkish social, the adoption of a surviving child and thus give a better life and a little brother to his 3 -year -old daughter who was news since this past summer was sick after detecting cancer.

“My wife and I decided to do something like this. We request to adopt a baby. It will be a difficult process, it will take a long time. There will be no answer tomorrow. But we have decided to do it, and we will do the best we can accept it ”

It will be a long process due to the situation in which the country is

The Complete statement by Gamze Erçel and Caner Yildirim says:

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“My wife and I decided to do something like that. We request to be parents of a baby. It will be a difficult process, it will take a long time, we will not get an answer tomorrow. But we have decided to do it and, if they approve, we will do it in the best way. Please do not make sudden changes to keep your energy and motivation alive, we will need the same motivation within 10 days to keep them alive. They will take rental aid to welcome people, they will need help for children …
Do not get angry with anyone for not doing something. They also have a plan ”

Mavi continues to recover of cancer that were detected last summer since she underwent a treatment that seems to have resulted except for a small relapse that had a few months ago and of which she is leaving little by little and without problems. Her Father of her requested respect for all means since they want her daughter’s disease to be overcome with the tranquility and anonymity she deserves.

Now that it seems that In the family they will be 4 , we are sure that the little Mavi will love to have a little brother with which to play and give a new life.

Mavi’s little brother on Twitter

Hundreds of fans of the couple already express in social networks their joy for This beautiful decision to adopt a child affected by the earthquake and thus give a little brother to Mavi, a decision that undoubtedly Let the big heart that this couple has.

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