Hande Erçel has just signed the second series he will perform this year and in which he will get into the scales of a siren for Disney+ Turkey. We tell you everything.

Hande Erçel has returned with More force than ever . After a rest season and after the disease of his Mavi niece in which he only devoted himself to advertising campaigns and high -end magazine covers, Hande Erçel has returned through the big door to what he really likes: the world of The Interpretation.

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After ‘Love Is in the Air’ we had not seen Hande again in any other series and the truth is that we wanted so much that when we learned that the series ‘Two Strangers’ began to shoot (‘Yki Yabanci’ ) Together with the beautiful actor Burak Deniz, we got crazy about happy. And if you add to this the news that we bring you today, because we no longer know where to get in because we are going to have Double ration of Hande Erçel this year.

Hande Erçel will play a siren and has already signed the contract with Disney+

According to the site diziler.com, Hande Erçel has just signed his second series of the year and is neither more nor less than a series in which he will play a siren and will do so for Disney+ which assures us that it will be a blockbuster as she deserves.

The provisional name of the series according to Diziler, will be ‘Mermaid’, will be directed by Mf production and Yusuf pirasan and will begin to roll This summer . Of course, the premiere date has not yet been announced but we probably have to wait until 2024 to see Hande Erçel put in the scales of a siren.

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