EDA is once again single, and although we suspect that the decision has made it, the truth is that crossing a post -abure crisis is not a plate of taste for anyone. We cannot avoid feeling bad for the other person, because of the memories we keep from her, for everything. But do you know that she has tricks to overcome it? These are the magical rituals of Hande Erçel to feel good when a bad personal moment is having.

La muerte de su abuelo se ha sumado a su mal momento personal.

Now that he is in full coming and going in Cannes we imagine that he will not have much time to think about the duel of the breakup, but surely at times he will feel some sadness. It is normal: one thing is that his separation was the chronicle of an announced death and another that is not having a bad time. And look where We have learned of the rituals that Hande Erçel practices to overcome personal crises. we tell you.

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Hande Erçel rituals day and night

Recently confessed that he prefers night a day, and that he loves the magic that the world gives off when everything darkens. But also Worship to watch over and dawn. and precisely these moments are those chosen by the actress to practice two of her favorite rituals.

Una piscina de bolas tampoco es mal plan, ¿eh?

“Whenever I am abroad and I see dawn, I ask for a desire to the sun as I look at the horizon. I also ask the moon when it dusk ”, declared in an interview. Will he have asked him in any of the most recent than his with Kerem Bürsin Renaza?

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Your ritual to “clean” your soul and home

But there is something else that Hande usually does when he is not well: burn sage. “I feel that I clean my home and my personal space, and it always does a lot of good to my soul”, explained .

Thus the house is purified with sage

The ritual that Hande speaks is quite known. Sahumar with Salvia needs certain precautions, as a spark may fall somewhere unwanted and cause a fire. But if you want to benefit from the properties attributed to the sage, you can Dilute some essential sage oil in water and spray your home as an atmosphere. You can also Burn white sage incense in a censer: is much less dangerous and give off a smell that, according to those who practice it, is relaxing, purifying and clear our mind.

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