Call a baby found among the debris of the earthquake caused Hande Erçel to react emotionally. Read it.

Everything happened when Haluk Levent, the famous Turkish rocker and founder of Ahbap, gave him the name of Mavi a baby of days found among the debris of the earthquake and earthquake and He dedicated this stanza of an improvised song:

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Haluk on this Twitter post composed this song: “10 -day girl. Found among the rubble. It will remain with us in the city of tents. They said, “Brother, he still has no name, put it on.” I called it ‘Mavi’.

And of course, Hande Erçel reading the stanza of the song, Did not hesitate to react to the message since it is the same name of her niece, the daughter of Gamze Erçel and Caner Yildirim who was sick of cancer last summer.

Hande Erçel very sensitized with everything related to the life of children during the earthquake said: “have a long, healthy and happy life, Mavi!”

Hande Erçel’s sister plans to increase the family by adopting an orphan from the earthquake

As we told you a few days ago and in a message posted by Mavi’s parents, they would be trying to adopt some orphan baby for the earthquake to give Mavi a little brother, news that moved Turkey and that you can read here.

A pity that they have called the baby found among the debris Mavi since it could have been The perfect candidate to be the little sister of the current niece of Hande Erçel.

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