If you had some kind of doubt that these two were together, here are the definitive test: Hande Erçel with her boyfriend in Disneyland Paris, hand in hand.

They have been these two for weeks. Between trips, rumors, statements and others, it can be said that Hande Erçel with her new courtship is monopolizing All the covers of the Turkish press.

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After several failed courtships, Hande has just found love with a handsome Turkish businessman son of shipowners who, in addition to having Playboy’s reputation, seems to have managed to get the attention of the protagonist of ‘Love is in the air’ for Start a new relationship.

If it was already a surprise to see them on the way to Paris on a regular flight and invoicing As a human serious.

Getting the images of them two days later in Lapia sealing their love under a northern dawn was the loop that lacked this relationship but what we bring you now is what we lacked all the fans of Hande Erçel.

Now we have photos of Hande Erçel and her boyfriend walking hand in Disneyland Paris.

Until today we believed that Hande Erçel, fashion lover, would have traveled to Paris to attend the Paris Fashion Week . We even saw a girl who looked like her, but now we can say that Actually Hande Erçel’s plans in Paris were others. Look.

Ok, that they could be any couple, that there is no certainty that they are Hande Erçel and her boyfriend Hakan Sabanci in Disneyland Paris. Ok, now look at this.

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A little more than two months ago, Hande Erçel uploaded an image in which a Selfie was made in the mirror of his room with the same hat that looks during his romantic stay in Disneyland Paris.

This is just a step of the relationship that everyone fear in Turkey. The relationship between Hande Erçel and the Playboy Hakan Sabanci that everyone fear harms Hande becoming one more trophy for her collection.

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