Hande Erçel’s older sister is furious. Gamze Erçel has exploded against someone on social networks, and the truth is that, seeing what happened, we have to prove him right.

Gamze Erçel has exploded against a follower who has been deeply insensitive to her. Hande Erçel’s older sister has taken away after a Innocent video that she had climbed into her Instagram stories was received in the opposite way to which she was expected. Of course, Your answer has been to take off your hat.

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It all started with an innocent outdoor video

Gamze uploaded a video with Mavi in which the mother is seen feeding a veal while her daughter claims her. An Instagram user told him: “A Child psychological abuse, a girl who does not actively listen, a moment that is far from showing love, a lost mother in her own center.”

Captura de una historia de instagram de Gamze Erçel
El cruce de acusaciones entre el usuario de Instagram y Gamze se saldó con un comentario de esta criticando la actitud negativa de aquel.

Hande Erçel’s older sister Did not take anything well comments taken from context …

After the unpleasant comment, Hande Erçel’s older sister has responded so

“What I see is that I suggested to see the calves a few seconds before. (…). When he sees that I am feeding the cow, he turns to me. It is not good that you only see a part of the video and abuses of that ”, Gamze replied.

Gamze y Hande lo pasaron fatal cuando Mavi tuvo incluso que pasar por quirófano.

Later, he hung a screenshot in his stories criticizing the comment and drawing up with the person who had been so unpleasant with her. Finally, he uploaded a video in which he is seen with Mavi walking so what looks like the hall of a hospital, with the following comment: “Oh, my mother, if he knew what we have been in…”. Strong>Given this succession of comments, Gamze’s followers supported her massively and applauded her reaction.

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Captura de una historia de instagram de Gamze Erçel

Obviously, Gamze refers without saying it openly to cancer that discovered Mavi last year and that had it shattered until everything went well. Not only to her, of course: also her sister, Hande Erçel, and even her ex, Kerem Bürsin, who as soon as he learned of her flew to be with her family. We do not know if the lties of the comment knew the dramatic of the situation, but it was as it was, it looked. That, no doubt.

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