Hande Erçel does not want his heart to break again and he warns Hakan Sabanci. Read it.

Call it warning, reproach, warning or whatever you want, but this Tough phrase addressed to her boyfriend Hakan Sabanci is so hard and has so many senses that it seems that Hande Erçel Does not want me to They break the heart again and so the businessman Hakan Sabanci is warned.

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Hande Erçel is one of the most reputed Turkish actresses and models inside and outside his country. His life and work are followed by millions of fans that all they want is that Hande finds love , be happy and develops in his work interpreting a multitude of Turkish ‘dizis’ being happy. >

So much so that after knowing that a relationship with the family entrepreneur of Turks, Hakan Sabanci could be starting, many fans have not thought twice when warning about Hakan’s Fame Fame.

And of course, Hande who already had enough with Kerem Bürsin or with Kaan Yildirim (who was unfaithful), has not been able to contain his temperament and has warned Hakan with this devastating phrase:

“If you want to be with me, ours cannot be a secret love like everyone else. If you love me in front of everyone, I will agree to be with you ”

What does this warning of Hande Erçel mean to Hakan Sabanci?

This warning that was collected in the Turkish Digital Takvim, has all the meaning since the love of Hande Erçel and Hakan Sabanci has always been Covered with a halo of mystery for which we had barely Images of them two together. Even Came out through different doors of a restaurant not to be seen together.

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We believed that this tactic was an idea of Hande Erçel, but it seems that it was the contario and Would have been Hakan who did not want them to see them together.

Another fact that surprised us a lot in his day was when months ago at the exit of a restaurant the reporters asked about this new relationship and Hande Erçel said this lapidary phrase: “Don’t drag me to your fantasy world” , that today and after the warning of Hande Erçel to Hakan makes all the meaning since it seems that who did not want this relationship to come to light Was Hakan himself.

After this devastating phrase, Hakan Sabanci and Hande Erçel announced their relationship at the airport.

All block, since After Hande’s warning to Hakan everything has precipitated . Hakan has introduced Hande Erçel to her mother Arzu Sabanci, they have left to Paris and from there to Lapia to seal her love and who knows whether to commit under a northern dawn.

After all this, we only have to wish All the fate of the world to Hande Erçel and expect his love to be true and without setbacks.

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