Hande Erçel has left a double. Or we should say that the double of that is hande, because its success is later. The truth is that the resemblance between the ‘Love is in the air’ actress with this maximum international cinema icon is quite amazing. Have you noticed?

Already surpassed the shock after seeing Hande Erçel and Hakan Sabanci together on the red carpet, we have the images of the actress’s passage through Cannes, where he has caused a lot of impact. And Eda is a lot of Eda. By the way, someone has noticed that Hande Erçel has a famous double And we have to prove him right, because they are nailed!

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The double of Hande Erçel that we would never have imagined

Everything happened when a beautiful photo session uploaded With the dressed that led to the Amfar gala (yes, the same in which he made his official with Hakan). It is a Dress black, long and tight, with a big neckline and a lens made of sequins adorning the entire front. He wore the Loose hair, simply hold behind his ears. Spectacular. Very old Hollywood, of those old films that make us dream.

Well, a fan told him: “You seem to Monica Bellucci with that styling.” And he is right: They look like a lot! Not only in the look (dress and long and loose hair), but even at times, in facial features.

The two actresses are Black hair and brown and large eyes, and in this specific photo shoot, with that diva air of the fifties (which so well imitates its “double ”, Monica Bellucci), the Italian and the Turkish are nailed. Only one thing, Hande: if you are going out with a director, who is not Tim Burton, who then puts you to make very rare papers …

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